Thursday, August 31, 2006

repost. (feb_11_2006)

The re:create conference 2007 is coming real soon.

Only six months away! Are you planning on going?

Check out my post from last years conference HERE.

Check out the conference blog HERE.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

raiders sign jeff george.

The Oakland Raiders just signed their fourth quarterback.
Remember Jeff George?

(photo from

He was a Oakland Raider in 1996-97. He did pretty well then. Until he was cut by John Gruden for Rich Gannon. You know, hasn't played in like five seasons?!?! I did read that he is in good shape with a strong arm still. What are you up to Art Shell?


Read the story here.

Read the story here.

Monday, August 28, 2006

something good.

Yesturday was a good Sunday. Church at NewCov' was good.

Lunch at "Chinn's Garden" with Pat Callahan and his son (connor) was good too!

Pat asked me to bring something a little extra for this Sundays service. He wanted, "Something good!" So I did just that... something good! You never can go wrong with a little atomsphere (haze) in the air. Here are a few pictures I took from the booth.

(photos taken by WRP)

04 ETC source four Ellipsoidal with 19° barrels
08 ETC source four ParCans with MED Lens
02 Lightronic Dimmer packs 4x1.2Kw
01 High End Systems F-100 smoke machine
01 Fan

Roscolux #22: Deep Amber
Roscolux #79: Bright Blue
Roscolux #27: Medium Red
Lee #126: Mauve

Apollo Breakup Shatter Light MS-2197

Saturday, August 26, 2006

the ballpark.

We went out to the ball park tonight. The SF Giants Triple AAA farm team plays here in Fresno. There is a beautiful ballpark in downtown fresno. We got tickets from my work. It turned out to be a great night to go. Not cause the game was any good, but there was a lot of friends and family out there as well. It was a great nite for a ballgame.

This was McKay's first baseball game. He loved the action. I think I loved the hotdogs and Nachos even more than the game. He was a good boy tonight. He sit in his own seat for quite a while. He also is so social. He wouldn't stop waving at people when I they walk by. He would clap when others clapped and cheered and he laughed at Parker, the team's mascot. (Funny that his name is Parker too.) We have more tickets for the last couple of games. Hopefully we can make it out to the ball park again this season before it's over.

I took as many photos as I could until my camera battery went dead.

(photos taken by WRP)

OAK pre-season wk4.

Alright! The Raiders are now 4-0 in the pres-season! Art Shell is the man. I know it's pre-season, but I sense the team is starting to take a turn.

Tonight they looked good. Randy Moss is back. He had two TD's with one great catch. (He was triple teamed.) Aaron Brooks did okay. And Lamont Jordan ran well. The Defense hit hard. They almost had a shut-out. I'm not to pumped up yet. But I 'm starting to feel good about this year.


pre-season wk5: Thursay, August 31st @ The Seahawks.

Friday, August 25, 2006

san fran.

Just got back from San Fran.

I was called up to relieve Mark from the gig. He hurt his back pretty good. So I went up to save the day. (Well... kind-of. The gear was really pretty much loaded in already.)

The gig was for Sony Playstation. They were having a spotlight meeting for there new PS3. There was two locations with our gear in it. One of the places was in a confernece room at the "W" Hotel. This was a very nice hotel. It was very contemporary looking with a DJ playing on the second floor loft. I enjoyed staying there. But the maintenance people were so loud every morning. And the other place was at a bar named "swig". It was in a old building with a lot of character. They recently remodeled the whole thing. The owner & barender were very nice. We were having power problems. My eight 5amp lekos were over loading the main breaker panel. (CRAZY!) So they desided for me to travel my cables into the basement and though the wall to the neighbors power. It took me 1 hour to set-up the two trees, but it took all day to get it show ready. (FETCH!)

This was really a easy gig, especaily since the union guys do pretty much all the work. The hardest part was the traveling from hotel to the bar. I hate all those one way streets in the city.


the swig bar.

the "W" hotel.

sony PS3.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

OAK pre-season wk3.

Okay! Yes! Oak-Town got another win last night againist the niners. They Just killed them. Their record improves to 3-0. Doesn't matter to me. It's still pre-season and the niners stink! T.Dilfer looked pretty good and so did that (RB) Gore.

The Raider's number draft pick, Michael Huff (S) got a INT and almost returned it the other way for a score. Only to have Brooks have his pass pick-off in the endzone. I know it wasn't his fault, but I still like Walter as the starter and not Brooks. Brooks did improve a lot. He was able to scramble, pass, and lead the team pretty well. However, I feel that Walter is a better QB than Brooks. He's just young and does have any experience.

It was nice to see Porter in a uniform. Janikowski continues to kick well. Jordan had a few good runs. The defense was okay. But the T.O.P. was a 42mins to 18mins in favor of the RAIDERS!

Two more pre-season games until the start of the regular season.
Can't wait! Just win baby!

pre-season wk4: Friday, August 25th Vs. The Lions.

Monday, August 21, 2006

comedy jam.

Yesturday, Live Light (Alex and I) had a gig in Mountain View, CA at the shoreline amphitheatre. It was a "comedy jam" for a local radio station, Wild 94.9. This is a annual event for the station. They have several popular comedians perform each year. Carlos Mencia was the headliner for this years event. The place was packed! There was 20,000 people in attendance. (Yes! 20,000 people for a outside comedy show!) It was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs too. The only bad thing that really stunk was all the jokes were really wrong & nasty.

The rig went up fast, but the amphitheatre stage faced the setting sun. So I wasn't able to focus the rig before the show effectively. I had to run the show pretty much on the fly. I was setting up palettes and focus postitions as the show was going on. The doors were at 5:00pm and show started at 7:00pm. It wasn't dark enough to see the lights until about 8:15pm. (That was three to four acts into the show.) I did take a few pictures and found some on their website. My camera wasn't able to do really much of anything. The Front of house postition (FOH) was about 150-200 feet away from the stage. Alex took some with his camera. I'll see about gettin some of his pictures of the gig.

(photo taken by AC/WRP)

(photos taken by WILD94.9)

wild 94.9

shoreline amphitheatre.

carlos mencia.

Friday, August 18, 2006

phriday phunny photo. (20 - LAST)

Here's the 20th & LAST blue-dog. friday funny foto!

"a dada dadada da dada dadada BATMAN!!!" OR... BATPUG-DOGMAN!

Check out the 19th blue-dog. friday funny foto here.

local espy's more pics.

(photos taken by CR)

re:create conference.

Well.... everyone else is blogging about it! SO........ I will too.

Are you a worship leader / creative arts director? Do you know one? Then check out this conference. It now has been expanded to all church sizes. (I've been three out of the last four years.)


(HT: two blonde boys, rich kirkpatrick, ragamuffinsoul)

success quote.

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."

-Bill Cosby

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

fast facts: dell on fire.

Dude... you got a Dell?

If you do, make sure to check and see if your battery got recalled. The lithium li-ion battery have been catching on fire! I checked out mine and I'm good. Are you? Also... A few months ago I believe they had a power cord recall?!?! Fetch! Fire!!!

***All Dell owners, Make sure to carry a mini fire extinguisher in your computer bag from now on.***

Watch the ABCnews story here.

Dell battery return program website.

Go directly to Idenitfy your battery here.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

hike it.

After the Raider game tonight McKay and I went outside to throw the football around. It was more like fetch the ball. About 15 minutes or so into it, the neighbor man (I didn't catch his name.) came out to play with us. McKay got him involved right away in our game. A few minutes later I was not in the rotation anymore. My son continues to teach me things that I have either forgotten or have started to ignore. At first, when he came outside I first thought about going back inside. That the game was over. I wanted to be alone with him and not bother with others around our game. But McKay at 15 months old reminded me to continue to delevolpe new relationships. To be friendly to others, especailly your neighbors. We both played and got to meet him. His Son (or grandson) came out to play as well. It was a fun evening.

(photos taken ny WRP)

Don't you wish they made onesies for adults?!?!? (I really sure hope they don't.) Then I would sport it around with old school Teva s on as well! Just like McKay.

OAK pre-season wk2.

The Raiders won again tonight. They improved to 2-0 in preseason. With :05 seconds left the vikings coach went for the win and rather than the FG try to send it into overtime, (Thank you Lord!) and came up short. Oakland looked a lot better than last week, but I still haven't seen Quaterback, Aaron Brooks do anything. Maybe the back-up, Andrew Walter, should be the starter?!?!? He did move the team pretty well. Whatever.... it's still pre-seaon week two. More to prove!

Why is Monday Night football starting at 5:00pm? I got home at 5:56pm and there was 11:27 left on the clock in the second quarter! FETCH! That sucks! I'm gonna have to ReplayTV every week!

pre-season wk3: Sunday, August 20th Vs. 49ers.

Monday, August 14, 2006

awesome speaker.

(photos taken by WRP)

My Church, New Covenant, had Kelly Talamo, a Christian speaker and Author, come for a Men's Ministry event yesturday and to speak this Sunday morning. On Sunday, he continued the series we are currently in, "Greetings from Phillipi!" a 12 week study in Phillipians.

(I will udate this post with more stuff about his messages later.)

Make sure to check out Kelly Talamo's website here.

GET the iPodCast from newcov here.

me and ricky.

"Drive it like you stole it! Go Ricky Bobby!"

We went to the movies last night during the Gottschalk gig gap. (Ryan and I called Eric to joined us as well.) We watched the late nite showing of "Talladega Nights" starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. We all thought it was really funny, but it still wasn't that good of a movie. It probadly will be one of those flicks that after you see it a few times it gets better and better. It sure does have some great movie line quotes to say over and over again.

(photo taken by RW)

what up g.

(photos taken by WRP)

Today, Gottschalks put on a fashion show at their RiverPark shopping center store here in Fresno. They wanted Live Light (ryan and I) to place their logo on the outside of the tents the night before the gig. We used VL2201's to project their "G" logo onto the surface of the tents. The gobo's they had made turned out well. We also used Genie crank-up towers to get the lites about 20' feet up into the air. It looked pretty neat having the logo move around the roof of the tent changing colors and zooming in and out. I was surprised to see that you could see this "advertisement display" from a considable distance away.

Gottschalks Passion for Fashion.

Friday, August 11, 2006

phriday phunny photo. (19)

Here's the 19th blue-dog. friday funny foto!


Check out the 18th blue-dog. friday funny foto here.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Every second counts, when you have 48 hours to make a film!

Earlier tonight, my buddy, Pat and I watched the short film
"Taken" that was created for the 48 Hour Film Project in Nashville, TN by Radiate Films. I was truly amazed. WOW!

Watch the short film here.



Great job Ben and Paige. (and the rest of the cast&crew)

(HT: two blonde boys , ethos)

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

blue crew.

The LA Dodgers are on the move. Last night was their 11th staight win.

Since (P) Greg Maddux has join the club, the team has picked it up after a trouble restart from the all-star break.

GO DODGER BLUE! Win the Pennant!

amazing food.

Tuesday Night I had a "business meeeting" dinner
at Max's Bistro & Bar here in Fresno, CA.

WOW! The food was AMAZING!

Check out a another Blue-Dog. amazing resturant here.

Monday, August 7, 2006

OAK pre-season wk1.

I'm not happy. The Raiders looked really bad last night in their opening pre-season game. The offense didn't even move the ball. Aaron Brooks needs to pick it up. The whole game was pretty bad, on both sides of the ball. The Philly Eagles starters, however, did move the ball pretty well againsit oaklands staters. The only highlight for the Raiders was Janikowski (SeaBass) making three FG and no shanks! .

pre-season wk2: Aug 14th @ Vikings.

Sunday, August 6, 2006

awesome quote.

"Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others; it is the only means."
-Albert Einstein

let the games begin.

Today is the start of the BEST time of the year!

My family might not agree with that... but they love it too! I try not to get to crazy during the games. But I do bleed silver and black and cry Bulldog red tears. It's a great weekend when they both win their games. Stay away is they lose. It will be fun watching the games with my son this year as well. He already likes to the throw the ball around. (kind-of) Plus Fantasty Football is a must. I join a few leagues. (4 total)

Oak-Town Raiders...Yeah Baby!
Go Fresno State Bulldogs.... win the WAC! Beat Bosie!

popular baby names.

So... Just in case you didn't know.....My wife and I are pagenant again! Yes! We are due Feburary 24th. Cool! Anyways.... We were thinking of baby names and I was playing around on the internet today and found a really cool site. You can see a list of the most popular names for babies from almost any year. It's pretty fun to see your own names rankings. You should try it. This site is really neat, because you don't want to name your kid the same name as every other kid in america. (right?) Here are my rankings. (I have three names that I go by.)

William in 1979 was ranked 13th / in 2005 ranked 11th
Randall in 1979 was ranked 134th / in 2005 ranked 608th
Randy in 1979 was ranked 86th / in 2005 ranked 301st

What were your rankings?

Check out your own names here.

Friday, August 4, 2006

fast facts: ipod hook-up.

Your automobile can be iPOD READY TO GO!

The iPod holds about a 75 percent share of the portable player market in the U.S.

GM and Ford are the nation's No. 1 and No. 2 automakers, and the new alliances mean the iconic audio gadget will now be compatible with more than 70 percent of the new 2007 model vehicles sold in the United States, Apple said Thursday.

Ford said Thursday it will offer the iPod integration as a dealer-installed option called "TripTunes Advanced" at a suggested price of about $200, plus installation. An adapter that doubles as a battery-charging station would go in either the glove box or center storage console. Users would then be able to control the iPod through buttons on the steering wheel or the radio. Playlists, artists, and other song information will also be displayed on the cars' systems.

phriday phunny photo. (18)

Here's the 18th blue-dog. friday funny foto!

I know.... we all look the same! HAHAHA This was at the last RobFest. (alex, randy, eric, ryan)

Check out the 17th blue-dog. friday funny foto here.

dang it.

So.... remember when I was in Vegas for a week and LA for three weeks on a gig...

I grabbed a AOL CD-ROM and installed it so I could attempt to blog while I was gone. I did the whole credit card thing so I could get 90 days free. All I needed was a few weeks worth and I would then cancel it. Right?!?!? This morning... four months later..... my wife reminds me that AOL has taken out $23.90 from our checking every month. Now, I haven't used this service since May. That's like $90 bucks man for nothing!

I called the AOL hotline this afternoon. I called at 1201pm. I entered in my home phone, said my screen name, and answered my security question. Then I pressed the correct number for "cancel". I then was on hold. FOREVER! At 1215pm, after 14 minutes on hold, I got to talk to a service person. They then asked me the same questions that the automated phone person asked. (WHY?!) I got my service canceled, but they wouldn't refund me. I was bitter! I know the payment was for membership and not usesage, but come on! I didn't even touch it for like four months.

I truly believe that they are "banking" on the fact that retards, like me, will sign-up and not pay attention to the bills and rack up a few payments. Beside this issue, I never had good success with this service. I was always dropped from corrections and I wasn't able to post blogs without tons of pop-ups. I do not recommend AOL for your internet service. Sorry if you love it! I sure hope it works for you. It didn't for me.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

715th for 220K.

Bonds 715th home run ball fetches $220K.

The ball was sold by Andrew Morbitzer, who was waiting in line for beer and peanuts May 28 when Bonds hit the home run. "For standing in line waiting for a beer and something to eat — you can't be unhappy with an amount like that," Morbitzer said.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. But the real question is... Why was he in line for food when Bonds was due to come up in the inning? He had center field seats! LUCKY!!!

local espy's.

(photos taken by RW)

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

last sunday.

(photos taken by WRP)

robfest part two.

(photos taken by WRP/AC)

sweet quote.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." ~Mark Twain

This was an good quote for me to hear today. Hopefully it encourages you as well.
Let's just do it! Let's step out in faith and Explore. Let's Dream. Let's Discover.

i'm back.

SORRY! I have been a little busy.
I'm back now!