Tuesday, February 27, 2007

michael bolton concert.

The last night at sinatra 2007.

Walk-in dinner / house band. Pete Ruzzo? RIZZO! SORRY!

(photo taken by WRP)

Micheal Bolton was the main headliner for the last evening. This was a very fun night. The Lighting Designer for Bolton let me have fill range to do whatever I wanted to do during the show. He loved my looks from the previous gigs in the week. So we went with that. I did give him control of color mixing for wash fixtures. That way he could "steer the stage" and I controlled everything else. I wish all LD's were like him. He let me be creative and that added a lot to the show. There was a few times when I got a little button happy, but it was by far my best looking show I have ever done.

(photo taken by WRP)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

202 plus posts.

Two hundred and two posts and counting.

Hopefully I can get to three hundred posts faster than it took me to get to two hundred posts. I am on a roll now. I had so much to say from the last time I was on a scheldule of posting. I'm back in the saddle again now baby. Watch-out I'm blog crazy again. Tell your friends! Leave your comments!

Sometimes I wonder why I blog. I know this blog is more of a gig record keeper / personal dairy for me, but I kind of like it that way. Sometimes I post some interesting stuff, I think, not exactly related to me or about me. But it is my blog and it really is "all about me". Right?!?!? It is My Blog. I enjoy my blog. Hopefully you enjoy it too.

belushi concert.

Jim Belushi and the Sacred Hearts were the entertainment for tonight at Sinatra 2007. Mark and I tagged team the lighting for the concert. I set-up the HOG2 so he could run the front truss and I had the upstage and floor units. It was pretty fun to do it that way. This was the perfect appilcation for that set-up. It was a total run on the fly show.

Jim is a very nice guy. He came by FOH before the gig to say hello and told me to just have fun with the lighting. And thats what we did. Flash and Trash baby! I wanted to get a picture with him after the event, but so did a lot of other people. So I didn't get one. Oh well. Willie got one though.

(photos taken by WRP)

Friday, February 23, 2007


Shane-n-Shane with Phil Wickham. With Just Mustache opening.

Feb 2nd LIVE @ newcov.

I did run lights for the opening band, just muchache, but not for the main headliners. I was the head Master Electrican for the whole gig though. I really enjoyed this very long day. It was nice working with my buddy Loren, the college pastor. Loren and I go way back to high school, he was my bestest friend. He put this concert on for the college group at newcov.

(photos taken by WRP)

(photos taken by WRP)

just mustache.

Mustache week.

All the guys at LIVE LIGHT geared up for the SuperBowl party by growing Mustaches. Here is my four week progressive journey to the mustache state.

Week two. Beard.

Week three. goatee.

Week four. Just Muchache.

fashion show at sinatra 07.

The Friday afternoon women fashion show/luncheon at Sinatra 2007. Got to call the focus on the runaway lites and ran the show. My lighting design worked great. The clothes looked good!

(photos taken by WRP)

(photos taken by WRP)


I'm a Daddy again! CRAZY!

Bryce Kelly Parker
Feb 12th 2007
9lbs. 6ozs
21 1/2"

Check these pictures of my first born. COOL!

Mckay Lawrence Parker
May 9th 2005

first night of sinatra 07.

The first night at Sinatra 2007. There was no activity on the main stage. There was a mini podium used for announcements. There was just eating dinner and mingling around tonight.

(photos taken by WRP)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

thanksgiving trip.

oh... I almost forgot about our Family's Thankgiving trip to San Franciso.

At first, I was a little upset that we weren't going to be home for the holiday. Thanksgiving day is by far my favorite holiday. (well... maybe chrsitmas is a little better. It's the meal and the presents.)

We did the Union Square shopping thing and of course walked the whole embarcadero road. We made sure to stop at Pier 39 for some seal watching and grub on some mini donuts. (Pushing a baby stroller up those san fran hills stink!)

We stayed at the San Franciso Suites on Nob Hill. This place felt more like a home than a hotel. Very nice. We had two rooms across the hall from each other. So we just cruised from room to room. We got to watch football and got free internet. Sweet.

And the highlight of the trip was that we ate at this amazing resturant called Fournou's Oven. Check out our own Thanksgiving meal Menu HERE.

Wow. I can't wait to do it again. I loved it. I wasn't home sick at all. I wonder where we can go next year? Hawaii?

(photos taken by WRP/?)

morton's again.

I love me some MORTON's.

This is the second time eating here in Palm Desert before a Sinatra gig.

(Mark and I at dinner / Eric and I excited about the meal.)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

sinatra 07 load in.

The first part of load-in took us eight hours. More work tomorrow. Maybe Morton's SteakHouse for dinner!?!?!

(photo taken by WRP)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

another year.

Another week in Palm Desert,CA.

This will be my third time doing this gig here at the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Invitional.

Check out last years posts here. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. (Don't be alarmed by the Dancing With The Stars update, with Jerry Rice wearing a AFRO!)

I will be posting some pics from this year later on.

(photo from googleimages.)

Monday, February 19, 2007

caught up.

Well... it looks like I have caught up in my blog posting of gigs I have been on. I did have a few more to post, but I didn't have my camera with me on those ones. Fetch! Oh well!

Anyways.... It's nice to be back. I hope you continue to visit.

Friday, February 9, 2007

robfest part 3.


RobFest at Table Mountain Casino.

(photos taken by WRP)

strikeforce part two.


StrikeForce at HP Pavillion in San Jose,CA.

(photos taken by WRP)

GMC luncheon.


GMC Trucks Dealers Luncheon at Leal Vineyards in Hollister,CA.

(photos taken by WRP)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

PS3 launch.

November 15-18. Sony PlayStation 3 Launch Party.

These are not the best pictures in the world, but hopefully you get the idea. It was crazy man!

(photo taken by RW/WRP/EL/AS)