Tuesday, February 28, 2006

blue dog.

I am officially renaming my blog. I have decided to go back to the original blog name that I started with back in August of 2005. Here it is, the name of my blog,....."BLUE DOG". Yes, blue dog. Why you ask? Cause my ten month old son, McKay, just loved his blue dog toy. It was kind of cute I thought. But after some time and only a few blogs here and there, I changed the name to new day. I thought maybe it would spark me to start going on blogging. But NO. That didn't work. So I went to nothing, no name blog. I really didn't like that at all. And now that I'm blogging baby, I want a blog name. So finally after talking with my wife and friends they all agreed that no blog name was lame. So back to the beginning.

buckey boy.

Tonight my son, McKay, (buckey boy) and I played with his toy piano. He loves to hit the keys really hard. I would turn off the sound that would play from each key you press and he definitely didn't care about the music. He just loved the sound of the banging. He was cracking me up. That boy good!

I grabbed the camera to snap a shot of the action.
(I just had to get in on one with him too.)

Monday, February 27, 2006

sinatra: load out.

It is offically over. The Load out started at 1130pm Saturday night and it we got done at 530am Sunday morning. It went a lot smoother and faster than I thought it would. Go team. Live Light rocks!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

sinatra: smokey.

The Smokey Robinson show went well. There was a lot of color bumping, dancing, and good sweet music. I didn't get to run the a Lighting Board for this show, but it's cool. I learned a lot by simply watching and listening to the show on head set and from the other board operators.

Here are a couple photos I took.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

sinatra: headliner.

Are you?
Are you wearing this pin?
Cause.... if you are.... then you are in!
Come by FOH and say what's up!

Tonight is the final event for the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Tournment. The main headliner for the black tie dinner event is Smokey Robinson . I am sorry to say that I had to google smokey and refresh my memory of his songs. He sure does have a lot of albums and hits. It should be fun tonight.

sinatra: friday shows.

Fashion Show
Okay...on friday afternoon we had a fashion show luncheon. While the husbands played in the sinatra golf tourney the wifes mingled, ate lunch, and bought some clothes.The designer was FE ZANDI HAUTE COUTURE.

Here are a few shots I took.

After the fashion show there was a the dinner event as well. The entertainment for the evening was Gary Mule Deer and Dick Van Dyke along with Tom Dreesen as the master of ceremonies.

Here are a few shots I took.

Friday, February 24, 2006

sinatra: load in.

I'm on the road again with Live Light in Palm Springs, CA. The Load in started Wednesday morning and it's still going. The gig is the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Tournment.

More pictures coming soon.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Tuesday Night I had dinner at Morton's SteakHouse in Palm Desert, CA.

One Word: AMAZING!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

olympic cheerleaders.

I love to watch the Olympic Games. Every two years baby, summer or winter, I'm glued to the action. Today I was watching Womens hockey on one channel and Mens Curling on another, and then I saw them. In their bright orange and yellow outfits...... cheederleaders. I couldn't beleive it. Cheerleaders for the Olympic Games. So I got on google and found some info on them. Read the article HERE.

I also came across this as well....
Top Ten Reasons Why Cheerleading Should be an
Olympic Sport...
10. All other Olympic sports could have their own official cheerleaders.
9. It could definitely be a coed sport.
8. There would never be a shortage of judges. Most men would kill for this job.
7. Language shouldn't be problem; how many ways can you say "Go, Team, Go?"
6. There would never be a need to drug test; cheerleaders are always smiling.
5. Rich countries wouldn't have an advantage; how many uniforms does a squad need?
4. It's easier to spell than gymnastics.
3. It could go either way, Winter or Summer.
2. No special equipment is needed, just give them some ground.
1. Pom Poms are cheaper than pole vaults.
Read this Article HERE.
Play online curling HERE. (It's a bummer that theres no sweeper guy.)

Monday, February 20, 2006

rock-n-roll church.

This past Sunday at newcov was phenomena! It was a rock show for God! I helped plan this rock-n-roll church service with my friend, Patrick Callahan, the worship leader at newcov. The whole thing came together beautifully. I'm pretty sure that this service wouldn't be considered "rock-n-roll" to other big church's, but for newcov, where we are right now, it was definitely rock-n-roll.

There was a wedding in the santuary on Saturday that I was the Lighting Designer for and
Live Light (Mark Willhoite and myself) did the decor and lighting set-up. The wedding had trees and chandeliers and the wedding party wanted a night sky look on the back cyc. So I used moving lightings to get this effect. It really was a good move cause I got to use the movers for sunday. After the wedding Patrick and I set-up the santuary for the ROCK-N-ROLL church sunday services. I have had many opportunities to run lighting for my church, but this past sunday was the coolest. I have had movers on specail programs sundays and we have done some really neat looks with conventionals. But this service really takes the cake! The best part, and I will do this again, was that I didn't use the moving lights for a walk in look. So at the start of the service I revealed them and it was sweet. You could feel the engery.

See and read more at two blonde boys.
Check out another change it up sunday at newcov.

Rented equiptment:

Vari-lite VL2201
04 Vari-lite VL2416
Whole Hog III console
ETC source four par cans 575w
Lightronics dimmer packs 4x1.2kw
DF-50 hazer w/ fan
04 small chandeliers
01 extra large chandeliers
04 Pipe and Bases

10 Trees

Saturday, February 18, 2006

my old truck.

I saw a truck driving down the freeway tonight and I had to do a double take. I thought it was my old truck. I speed up to it just to make sure it wasn't mine. This truck I saw sure was a lot nicer than mine ever was. I had mine for about six or seven years and it was in "good conition" for only about three of them. It was definitely a "fixer-upper" and a money pit. I finally had to say goodbye a few months ago. It really wasn't easy to let go of it. It wasn't running right and the electrical system was really taking a dive and expense to fix. I was tired of all that drama. Plus...my wife, and especially our bank account, couldn't take another major Randy's bronco needs some more work projects.

I guess a boy never forgets his first truck. I took it camping. I did a little four wheeling up in Shaver. I drove it up to the snow. But it did sit for a long peroid of time, several times, as I saved up money to buy parts to fix it up. I will get a new truck someday. I hope it is as good as this one was, minus all the broken stuff.
1984 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4
351w engine
3 speed automatic transmission
2 barrel carb with Flowmaster muffler and 3" tailpipe
32" BFG mud terrain tires

Friday, February 17, 2006

dancing with the stars.

Okay. I admit it. I watch Dancing with the Stars. It's a show on ABC that has one Celebrity person matched with a Professoinal dancer and they dance each week for judges and the american viewer to vote for their favorite each week. I love to see the beatuiful dances and the ligthing is really cool too. I think Drew Lachey will give Stacy Keibler a run for her money, but Stacy is my pick to win it all. I started watching it just to see the best wide receiver in NFL history, Jerry Rice, dance and make a fool out of himself. But you know what....he can dance pretty good! He might not be the best dancer on the show. And he might be going home tomorrow after the vote off show, but he still is a winner. He still is a ballroom dancer. He said it himself, after the hosts told him he is the worst of the four remaining dancers, "A professional football player to a ballroom dancer, I have already won. I always have given it my all in everything I do." This really got my attention. Cause he is so right. No matter what we are doing we should give it out all. From Football to dancing....110%.

photo from http://abc.go.com/

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

supreme valentines day.

On this Valentine's day I wasn't at home or out to dinner and a movie with my wife. I was out at a Casino. Yes. That's right. I was at a Casino, in a Bingo Room! But I was not yelling out BINGO! I was working.

Just in case you didn't know I work at a major, production company. LIVE LIGHT INC. does it all, Lighting, Sound, and Video, for the entertainment or corporate industry. Oops, I forgot...we do staging too.

Table Mountain Casino host many concerts in their "entertainment center" and Live Light does them all. (The lighting and stage is our gig here.) Last night, for Valentines Day, they had Mary Wilson, an original Member of the The Supremes. Come on....everybody knows, "STOP! In The Name of Love."(1965) or "Someday We'll Be Together."(1969) The concert was pretty tight. She did a 60 minute set with one waredobe change about halfway through. My gig was to run both lighting consoles and call spots. I had a "supreme" time. Even though my wife and son had to celebrate Valentines this year without me.

photos take by WB
72 ETC source four pars medium lens 575w
08 ETC source four lekos 26° barrels 575w
08 Varlite VL2201 spots fixtures

01 ETC expression console 48/96
01 MA ScanCommander

R22 Amber
R26 Red
R80 Blue
R59 Lav
R33 Pink
R110 Yellow

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

american pipe.

BARDONECCHIA, ITALY - FEBRUARY 13: Gretchen Bleiler of United States competes in the Womens Snowboard Half Pipe Final of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games. She got the silver medal and her teammate Hannah Teter got the Gold. (Photo by Agence Zoom/Getty Images)

What a day the USA womens snowboarding team had today. (With the time difference it was yesturday?) I have never been snowboarding, so to me its REALLY AMAZING to see these athletes(Who are girls!) do these huge twists and turns in the air. Even if I was a snowboader I still wouldn't be doing jumps or flips 15-20 feet in the air!
Read the article here.

GO USA! Win the Gold! Follow the action at yahooSPORTS.

Monday, February 13, 2006

raider nation.

The Silver and Black are Back!
The Oakland Raiders named Art Shell as the team's head coach Saturday.
(Read the Article here.)

GO RAIDERS! It's on like donkeykong next year! Silver and Black all the way in 2006-07.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

i'm back.

That's right, I'm back! (And not just back to blogging.)

I'm back from a "Phenomenal" Worship/Creative Arts Conference in Nashville, TN. RE:CREATE is an annual thinktank for Arts/Programming/Worship Directors in contemporary churches of 2,000 or more in weekend attendance. It is a 4-day conference designed for refreshment, encouragement, and diffusion of ideas. It's great to fellowship and rub shoulders with other church leaders who share the same struggles as we do. I went with my good buddy (and worship pastor at NewCovenant), Pat Callahan. This was my third time in the last four years to attend.

Some of the guest speakers this year were: (There were a ton of great sponsors as well. Check out recreateconference.com to see all the sponsors.)

"The Chonicles of Narnia GUYS"
RICK DEMPSEY (Director / Producer)
NED LOTT (Casting Director / Producer)

Author / Producer / Media Consultant


Barbara R. Nicolosi
Scriptwriter / Script Consulant
Executive Director, Act One, Inc.

Again...It was "Phenomenal"! More info about the Conference in the future.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

under construction.


I'm about to go BLOG CRAZY real soon!
Make sure you check back in a few days.

Got any ideas for a blog name?