Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big Announcement!

Alright. I'm sure some of my tweets have been on the edge of their seats for this! Well. Here it is.

HUGE Parker family announcement.

I decided to film myself instead of type it all out. It was a lot easier for me this way. After watching it a few times while editing and uploading it, I think I should probably have done a redo or re-shoot! Definitely needed a script. But...Oh Well. It's all good. It's all me baby! (Count how many times I say New Covenant. WOW!!)

From New Covenant Community Church to
North Point Community Church

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Chad Davis said...

Good luck... I guess.
P.S. you are dead to me

randy parker said...

Thanks Chad.

I'm gonna miss you too!

There's got to be some good Scuba Dives somewhere near Georgia.

You guys are always welcome to come on over!

JVo said...

Wow, man! Congrats. Between you and me--and let's just keep this private--you had to leave because of Pat, right?

Pat Callahan said...

That's right.. he had to leave because of me.

I'm too much man for him.

Now you, JVO... you could handle the beast that is PATAMO.

Audra Krell said...

We have three boys and there is nothing better than that! This will be quite a change for you all, praying for safe travel and God's will to be revealed as you seek his people in GA!

Jim Drake said...

Wow! i knew something big was brewing.... and had a thought it might include a move....wow!

congrats and blessings... remember us in the kingdom man... we can say we knew you when!!

Jules said...


I know you are excited and God is going to use you there. Don't fall under the shadow of the Los. Make your own shine there with the blogging. Make us proud Randy, amazing light guy. We will miss you and Jill.

What will Pat do without his back-up? I guess he'll have to get someone else to smash stuff with.

Flying with Enoch (Jesse) said...

I'm going to seriously miss you guys. I told Jill to always have the guest bedroom ready for me.
It was awesome getting to know you Randy, you are an awesome man of Christ.

Paul J. said...

You'll only be about an hour south of me. Holla when you get here :)

NerdMom said...

I was hoping enough time had passed since the interview that it wasn't happening;). How long until you guys have to go? Can we make it another 20-30 years;). I am just joking because I know better than to try to get in God's way. I know He has something great for you guys!

INDY said...

All the best Randy - you're a talent and a blessing. Thanks for taking time and being patient with Dewey - he'll miss you too.

If you ever get tired of the flying cockroaches and the wicked humidity, remember we're still here. God Bless!!!

abwdds said...

Congratulations on the new appointment, Randy. You'll be missed here. Just don't forget the little people back here in Fresno (Clovis, actually). For a fee (hush money, actually), we won't forward your new wherabouts to the Purple Man !! Take care, and God Bless...