Sunday, May 17, 2009

McKay's photography

I found these Photos on my camera tonight. McKay took these shots all by himself. Well... not the first one. I took that one. Right before he had his photo shoot. This was a while ago because I don't remember him taking these. I do think I need to get him his own camera. He's not to bad! I hope you enjoy them. I did delete all the duplicates. He had like 5-10 shots of each thing. I guess he wanted to get it just right. Ha!

My Favorite is the Curious George Bi-plane photo.... What's yours?


nancy sharer said...

I like the one of the guy with the really big hands :)

Grandma Parker said...

I like them all! The ones of Bryce are cute. Your half face is cool. He didn't do too bad. The toy room looks good.

Julie said...

I am loving them all! He's a stud! Have to say, Mason has the same jammies as Bryce & we also have the bi-plane! Are we clones...3 & Nathan have hot wives...I am seeing patterns here! :)