Saturday, March 14, 2009

new bookshelf

Yes! Another piece of furniture from Target that will be in house! Yay! We pretty much only shop at Target, Costco and the grocery store. We got this bookshelf a long time ago and finally I'm putting it together. This will go into the boys room for there one-million books that were on the floor or in small boxes.

The boys just love to help out Daddy with projects. (We put a desk together too!) We got out our tools (Felipe, Turner & Pat) and went to work. Oh, we did make one mistake. We put the backing on backwards. I seem to always have that one mess-up on these small projects. D'oh!

There were a few time outs given, but we still put this BookShelf together in under 50Seconds! Seriously.... see for yourself.

Fast Forward - BookShelf